About PINA

The Pollinator Information Network of the Americas (PINA) is one of six thematic networks originally established under the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN) (the other remaining networks being Species & SpecimensInvasive SpeciesEcosystems, Protected Areas, and Geospatial).

In late 2005, the IABIN issued a Request for Expressions of Interest, seeking to identify a coordinating institution or institutions for the Pollinators Thematic Network. A consortium, lead by The Pollinator Partnership (P2) was announced as the successful candidate for coordinating and developing the PINA.

The Co-Principal Investigators on the PINA project are Ms. Laurie Adams (Executive Director of The Pollinator Partnership - P2), Dr. Antonio Mauro Saraiva (Coordinator of the Agricultural Automation Lab at the University of Sao Paulo Polytechnic School), and Dr. Michael Ruggiero (formerly of the United States Geological Survey, and Smithsonian Institution).


The Pollinator Information Network of the Americas presents three tools to connect with vital pollinator data gathered continuously through a project begun in 2006 called the Pollinator Thematic Network. 

For each of the tools, manuals are available in three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

The three tools are:

Pollinator Data Portal (to find existing data accessible through the network) 

Pollinator Contacts Database (to find expertise via topic or geographic specialization)

Pollinator Data Digitizer (to digitize pollinator occurrence records) 


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