Make an Honor or a Memory Donation

To give a memorial or tribute donation is a meaningful way to honor someone's life while supporting the Pollinator Partnership mission to ensure the survival our earth’s ecosystems. We will also send you a certificate with a donation of $50 or more. 

We are grateful that you have chosen to donate to P2 in memory or in honor of someone special. Your help has never been needed more urgently. It makes each Pollinator Partnership program possible and builds stewardship to ensure a healthy world for generations to come. 

The Pollinator Partnership is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization designated by the Internal Revenue Code.


Donate by Mail

Or, if you prefer, you may mail a check via U.S. Post. If you choose to mail your contribution, please be sure to include a note indicating the name of the person you are honoring, as well as the name and e-mail address of anyone who should receive an acknowledgment of your generous donation. Send your contribution and note to the following address:
Download a donation form and send your contribution to:
Pollinator Partnership
423 Washington St., 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111


Fax to: (415) 362-1137.
If you have any questions about giving, please contact us:
Pollinator Partnership 
423 Washington St, 5th Floor 
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: 415-362-1137
Fax: 415-362-3070

The Pollinator Partnership received the highest 4 Star Charity Rating for Chartiy Navigator.

Pollinator Partnership Privacy Policy
P2 does not sell or distribute any private information provided by donors. Read P2's Privacy Policy.